Forced Realm is an RPG inspired by Monsumu-Quest. It's a celebration of all things Monster Girl!

From the cute, bubbly slime girls to the dark and twisted demons and behemoths, this game features H-Scenes on losing a battle to monster girls, as well as numerous planned romance-able monster girls!

Right now it's Text-Only, but on my patreon we are slowly building up the funds to get it a dedicated artist to fill the scenes with kinky cg!

I post information about updates here on my patreon:

Our main artist is Blueorchidwolf, whose work can be found here:

Art tumblr -
DA -

This is a public build that will be updated occasionally, and private builds will be patreon only and available through there.

Development log


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Hi! I'm a developer of a new 3D hentai game and have recently released a beta version of it. It's free, you can download and try it out here

Thank you for your attention! :)