Forced Realm is an RPG inspired by Monsumu-Quest. It's a celebration of all things Monster Girl!

From the cute, bubbly slime girls to the dark and twisted demons and behemoths, this game features H-Scenes on losing a battle to monster girls, as well as numerous planned romance-able monster girls!

Right now it's Text-Only, but on my patreon we are slowly building up the funds to get it a dedicated artist to fill the scenes with kinky cg!

I post information about updates here on my patreon:

Our main artist is Blueorchidwolf, whose work can be found here:

Art tumblr -
DA -

This is a public build that will be updated occasionally, and private builds will be patreon only and available through there.

Development log


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This seems pretty fun, is development on hiatus?


It currently is. Life got in the way but come january it should be back in full production.

In the meantime I am just writing out characters and interactions to be added in when I have more time to dedicate to it

Yeah, that happens. Cheers though, looking forward to it!

would have been nice to let your only patron know that the game is on hold.