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Everything you need to start making that retro platformer of your dreams!
This pack includes a huge variety of tiles, 2 placeholder parallaxes, a variety of enemies to populate your levels, collectable items, boss health bars, a boss monster, and 2 different player character sprites!

One player character is titled Jumpyman, and his sprites are designed to imitate old school platformers with different sprites being used as he collects power ups!

The second character is named Dargon. A blue dragon with several poses and more graphic depth!

The screenshots have a lighting effect used in some of them as they were part of the demo project I had created some time ago.


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

audrey3.gif 727 bytes
axeswing.png 443 bytes
axeswinging.gif 1 kB
bg_dark_details.png 1 kB
bg_details.png 2 kB
bg_tiles.png 4 kB
blankmeat.png 183 bytes
bonetoken.gif 444 bytes
bunnydrone.png 408 bytes
bunnydronesplit.png 416 bytes
crate.png 272 bytes
dargon.png 2 kB
dargonboom.gif 438 bytes
dark_bg_tiles.png 4 kB
dustcloud.gif 164 bytes
dustpoof.gif 481 bytes
electriccurrent.gif 381 bytes
enemyshot.png 114 bytes
fallingbridge.png 222 bytes
fireball.gif 231 bytes
flyjelly.gif 253 bytes
flyjelly.png 294 bytes
forest_parallax.png 23 kB
forest_parallax_dark.png 12 kB
fwomt.png 463 bytes
Golden_Mariner.png 7 kB
greekfire.png 302 bytes
hammerman.gif 1 kB
healthbar.gif 3 kB
healthbar1.png 262 bytes
itembox.png 218 bytes
jumpyman.png 683 bytes
jumpyman_armor_1.png 390 bytes
jumpyman_armor_2.png 441 bytes
jumpyman_armor_3.png 447 bytes
jumpyman_boots_1.png 193 bytes
jumpyman_boots_2.png 250 bytes
jumpyman_boots_3.png 236 bytes
jumpyman_gun_1.png 293 bytes
jumpyman_gun_2.png 351 bytes
jumpyman_gun_3.png 342 bytes
lazer.gif 442 bytes
loow_detail_parallax.png 1 kB
low_detail_alt_tiles.png 7 kB
marine.gif 1 kB
Mariner Tiles.png 8 kB
marksman.png 468 bytes
meat.png 290 bytes
movingplatform.gif 721 bytes
muzzleflare.gif 222 bytes
pickup.gif 824 bytes
placeholder_enemies.png 1 kB
plantseed.png 265 bytes
pokeymouse.gif 595 bytes
reticule.png 159 bytes
sapling.gif 333 bytes
Screenie 1.png 173 kB
Screenie 2.png 111 kB
Screenie 3.png 107 kB
Screenie 4.png 82 kB
Screenie 5.png 102 kB
Screenie 6.png 82 kB
Screenie 7.png 103 kB
Screenie 8.png 57 kB
Screenie 9.png 58 kB
smokeypoof.png 653 bytes
spinnysword.gif 661 bytes
springpad.gif 330 bytes
trippy_stone.png 2 kB
trippy_stone_solid.png 1,012 bytes
twinrovingstatuesangry.png 1 kB
xmastree.png 1 kB
Platformer.rar 850 kB


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It will be nice if you put every images on a .rar or zip file


A  .rar was added to the download files :D Thank you for the suggestion